UM Records is restructuring how we do business with our producers in an effort to deliver better returns for them in an increasingly difficult sales environment.


From December 31 2015 all past, present and future releases will have royalties passed directly to the producers, with the label taking just 10% revenue - offering a 90% return on sales and streaming - a figure unrivalled amongst our peers in the industry - and a move that will see UM Records become a truly artist focused label.


In putting the emphasis on benefitting and helping promote producers that make the ‘UM Records grade’ it’s only fair the financial onus is theirs too - producers lucky enough to be accepted onto the release schedule will be required to finance their own mastering costs by mutual agreement.


UM Records releases will still benefit from promotion on the Deep House fans page (boasting over 173,000 likes) and both the UM Records and channels - a significant marketing and sales advantage in the current ‘mpfree’ culture.

Sending Demos

You've made a new track and are exited to share it and maybe get it signed, rightly so!


But take a moment to read this 'how to submit a demo’ guide and save us all some time and pain.



1. Don’t bother sending the track if it’s already been publically available online for days and touted around 20 labels before you got down the A-Z to UM.


2. Don’t attach your mp3 to the email - we want streaming links only, we won’t download zip files, Dropbox links etc - upload privately to Soundcloud and send us the secret link to listen to.


3. Don’t add us to a list of 10 labels, you’re spamming in one hit to save time.


4. Don’t presume your music is right for us. Take the time to listen to the tracks we’ve released and ask yourself does your track suit the sound?


5. Don’t just send us a link to your profile or 20 different tracks - we’re not going to wade through your entire catalogue to find something - choose your tracks wisely.


6. Don’t just say “Hi, here’s my demo” - Give us some useful info about you (eg. other labels and producers you've worked with).


7. Don’t just send us a bootleg or track bursting with samples - we’re not about to spend the time getting clearance for it all - if you use samples - get clearance before you contact us.


8. Don’t call your demo Track 1, Track 2… label your tracks well so we can remember them when we’re discussing them (eg. Artist Name - Title - Version - etc).


And finally, be patient! Due to the amount of prog house, hard house techno jibber jack, dubstep, jackin house and other shite we get, it might take me a while to come back to you - but we will! If you're going to chase me up - give us a week at least! ;)


Ticked all those boxes? The email us at demos at um dash records dot com



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About UM Records


UM Records was launched in September 2011 by untitledmusic founder Richie Hartness with more than two decades of promoting, writing, playing and introducing new music to his name.


The labels aim has always been to provide a springboard to new producers, often teaming them up with more established names on releases. UM has been a rich source of up and coming names, many of whom have gone on to big name labels following their time being promoted by UM and all have benefitted from



advice and guidance on how to progress from unknown producer to being an in demand name and much sought after producer for other labels around the world.


Across digital and vinyl platforms UM’s sound is ever evolving, always emotive, often challenging the ‘expected sound’ and a name you can trust to bring you the very best of deep house.


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